5 Most Dangerous Trends Facing Disability Claimants

Trends the Attorneys at MyLTDbenefits.com Have Identified as the Most Dangerous for Disability Claimants

The 5 most dangerous trends facing disabilities claimsHere are the dangerous trends observed over the years by the disability benefit experts of MyLTDbenefits.com:

  • Claims are being denied for lack of “objective” evidence where such objective evidence is not possible for disabilities such as CFS and Fibromyalgia
  • Insurers are becoming more clever at writing policies with exclusionary language
  • Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing is used by insurers to claim a mental rather than physical basis for the disability
  • Insurers make more extensive use of FCEs and IMEs to deny benefits
  • “Independent” doctors create reports for insurers that are baseless, unreliable, and false

These trends are addressed in specific detail throughout this website. However, to discuss any particular aspect of your claim, contact the lawyers of MyLTDbenefits.com. Contact us at 1-888-843-1261.